Word Ishq (It is prohibited to use this word for Allah SWT and Rasoolullah SAWW)

الحمد الله ،وصلة على رسول الله

Word Ishq and its Root 

ع ش ق> عشق

Exceeded in love is called “ishq” (Maqabes al-Lugat 262/4)

Ishiq is the word which we use when a love start his lover and when his/her lover seems him/her Better(beautiful) [A-lissan ul arab 251/1]

Usage and Terminology 

And not only this the usage of word “Ishqq” is famous for using the acts before marriage between man and woman by listening his speech, by kissing and sexual act [Qaida fi mahaabat 54]

*Using word Ishq for Allah and his Servant(human) is Strictly prohibited as some Sufis and Mulhid use this term like Ibn Arabi * He said “indeed ishq and ashieeq (lover) and Mashook(the one who loved by lover) they three are one ” and he also said “indeed Allah mix in his creature and they all are now same”
*Note This ibn arabi is not the alim ibn arabi.. in the end I will mention it to you.

Ibn Mandhoor (may Allah have mercy on him) said:
Abu’l-‘Abbaas Ahmad ibn Yahya was asked about hubb (love) and ‘ishq – which is more praiseworthy? He said: Hubb, because in ‘ishq there is excess, and the ‘aashiq (one who loves in the sense of ‘ishq or excessive love) is so called because he fades away out of extreme love as the ‘ashaqah (bind-weed) fades away when it is cut. The ‘ashaqah (bind-weed) is a plant that grows green, then it shrivels up and turns yellow. This was narrated from al-Zujjaaj.
[Lisaan al-‘Arab, 10/251]

Abu Hilaal al-‘Askari (may Allah have mercy on him) said:
The difference between ‘ishq and mahabbah (love) is that ‘ishq refers to extreme physical desire to have what one wants from the object of that excessive love, if it is another person, and the resolve to have carnal knowledge of that person when one is able to. If the ‘ishq is devoid of physical desire then it is possible for the ‘aashiq (the one who loves excessively) to be free of physical desire towards the one whom he loves excessively. But ‘ishq refers to a special type of desire that is incessant, namely the desire of the man to get what he wants from the one whom he loves. The desire to drink wine and eat fine food is not called ‘ishq. Moreover, ‘ishq is a desire that, if it goes to extremes and the individual cannot get what he desires, may kill him and there is no other physical desire that can kill except ‘ishq. Don’t you see that no one ever died because of desire for wine or food or perfume, or because of love for his house or his wealth, but many people have died from the desire to be alone with the one whom they love excessively and get what they want from him.

[al-Furooq al-Lughawiyyah, p. 358-359]

Moreover, the word ‘ishq is not known in the language of the Arabs except in a sexual context.

Ibn al-Jawzi (may Allah have mercy on him) said: 

‘Ishq, according to scholars of the Arabic language, is only used in a sexual context.

End quote from Talbees Iblees, p. 153

the word ‘ishq (passionate, excessive love) was never used in any praiseworthy sense by the salaf and the imams. That is because this word ‘ishq refers to extreme love that oversteps the mark, and anything that is of that nature is blameworthy. [Sheikh Salih al-Munjid]

والله علم

Note* Difference Ibn al-’Arabi and Ibn ‘Arabi

Out of these two men one is a scholar and the other is not a scholar, actually he does not have much knowledge, matter of fact he isn’t really a Muslim even! “But wait, Aboo Thaabit, how are you making such a big accusation?”

Well, person who asks important questions in my head, the scholars themselves have declared Ibn ‘Arabi to be a crazy lunatic (to put it mildly). This man has so much kufr and weird stuff about him that scholars such as ath-Thahabi have stated that ‘If the books of Ibn ‘Arabi do not contain any Kufr then I do not know what does!’

He is very famous for his deviant statements such as saying Allaah is everything and everything is Allaah, and statements such as ‘Since everything is Allaah I do not know if I should worship myself or that tree over there” so this man did not only have a screw lose in his brain, it could be argued – and rightly so- that he did not have a brain at all.

Check the Difference between both now its more clear to u guys

1.Imam Qadhi Abu Bakr Ibnul Arabi Al Maliki.The author of books like “Aaridhatul Ahwazi Shrah Tirmidhi” and “Al Awasim minal Qawasim”.
2.Mohyuddin ibn Arabi, The Sufi, Proponent of “Wahdatul Wujood”.Author of “Fususul Hikam” and “Al Futuhaatul Makkiyyah

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