Why we always want to turn every sadness into happiness. Why we don’t want to feel and accept the natural tendency of being sad or feeling stress. It’s all normal to be sad, cry, feel stress, feeling not better, it’s OK.

These are natural attitudes, let people feel them. What they are feeling, just give them hope and courage to face the sadness, stress and multiple feelings.



Don’t make them a zombie who don’t even feel what these emotions are all about, don’t try to make people a fake smile giver or fake attitude developer.

Life is not a fancy drama where we only feel happy, feel better, feel what we want or what seems happy or fancy or interesting. Life is a big deal. We can live it with different moods , styles. It’s a reality with ups and downs, with good and bad, healthy and unhealthy, accepted and unaccepted.

Don’t just run after happiness, just walk in this lifetime with the attitude of acceptance, courage, kindness and as a follower of instructional manual…

Please Learn that ” it’s OK to be sad, unhappy or to be in stress, Give yourself sometime.”

Little food for your soul by Fasiha khan.

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