The toughest part of success is not to achieve some tasks which you are committed to.  Also not to work on time or where you  always stand prominent.

Achievement is something which you get after putting a lot effort, the process or fact of achieving something. In my view The real achievement is to taking your own responsibility.  Yes.


To become responsible to what you say,  what you do,  where you are heading.

Taking this life serious and make your life productive is a part of this “self responsibly”

Your failures,  your loss,  your giving up moments not describe who you are,  yourself courage,  your attitude of accepting the moment and moving forward, your patience,  your body language and action are the part where you define yourself…

Never stop by any failure, never stop by any storm

Never give up.

In your life whenever you see the hardest battle don’t try to run away from them:  stand and take your own responsibility and be your own hero.

Your Well-Wisher
Fasiha khan

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