Homeschooling & Parents

(Note wherever in reflections I use the word parents it means parents includes mother & father)

Whenever I talk about homeschooling, I primarily focus on our parenthood & environment.

We have to teach ourselves, we need to know ourselves in order to become able to teach our children at home.

Homeschooling or home education is not an idea to open a school at your home,

it is about to give your child a natural learning process and his Tarbiyah from you at your home or anywhere according to his learning style.

Teaching doesn’t mean that teach what you think what is good for your child but to know & help your child’s interest, how he want to learn, which subjects he want to learn & which skill set he want to achieve.

Whenever I talk about the philosophy of education & about parenting I actually more focus on the tarbiyah of parents, the learning of parents and parenting courses because we as a parents need to learn & d-learn so many things according to religion & time , according to our kids.

Your children needs your character to watch and act not any marvel character or tiktok can give your child any emotional well-being,

We cannot teach our children which makes them emotionally weak…

if we want to make our kids emotionally strong, well in behave, God fearing & an intellectual than we need to start fixing ourselves so we can guide our kids by our constant actions and attitude towards daily life matters, this is what our religion Islam teaches us ; a focused life, a confident personality and God Fearing individual.

we are going to learn something about our daily life style and the circle of stress which we live, in our daily routine and some time you can say most of the time women at home men at offices face that a constant failures constant , bursting , emotionally drained , physically weakness.


Fasiha khan

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