YOLO? Think again

At 8 am of every morning we always find hustle and bustle on roads, institutes, offices, hotels, and grounds, children are found in schools, staff at offices, all of them are on roads some are getting ready, some are at place, some are up to this and some are up to that. Cars, motorbikes, buses, trucks, bicycles, rickshaws, vans…It seems as if every kind of vehicle is on roads all are up to what they daily do.

Nothing changes, nothing is new all are just doing what they are supposed to do, sometimes it seems like we don’t know what we have to do we just keep on doing whatever society expects from us. Our mind is fully functioned with all stuff which we consider important.

We are so busy in our lives that we laugh when we listen joke without thinking upon it what it contain what is it about, we read all those things which come to us , without any thought that what is it, why it is, and how is it going to affect me, we watch TV , whatever they show we see, we think, we do…

Without any choice, we accept whatever they say, whatever they do. We are not only enslaved by print media, TV media we even don’t know what we want to wear…
whatever we find we wear (it doesn’t mean that living up to date is harm or its forbidden it’s just to show how dependent we are)
if a sales man is selling shorts we buy them, if they are selling red we buy red, if they all are selling pink we buy pink, if the whole market is selling any actress’s style we start buying that style,
if one school is teaching “xyz” publishers all schools start teaching it, and we all start reading it
if one party makes  ‘black and golden’ its theme,  all will do the same and we will follow it
if all the nurseries are selling rose all will buy rose without making choice that we can buy tulip as well
if one personality is using galaxy  we all  will start using galaxy, if mac is hit we fill with it!

 “Don’t we have a choice”?

Why are we here? What I am doing here? What am I doing in such a frenzied world?

Why everyday sun rises , illuminates us with its light and warms us with its heat and then goes away and moon starts shining , such a deep silent night comes , we all fall asleep, then we all wake up, start a new day; which is same like we spent yesterday…
Trends start, we follow them, people get fame we start following them,
one singer comes, sings a song, gets popular, we start praising him, then another comes and then he goes…and this cycle keeps on going,
We start school, then go to high school, then we reach college, we go to university…
Is this life just to make this cycle go to completion –birth-school–college–university–office–marriage–children–get old–DEATH! The END?
what is between birth and death? Just to be a part of this world in which no desire can be fulfilled, nowhere we can find justice, all are having some short termed and subjective goals?
Why this sun provides me heat? This night gives me sleep?
Why this earth grows food for me? Why these bees makes honey for me?
Why these clouds give me rain?
Why these fields give me grains?
Why this nature helps me so?
Why all things are just so perfectos
Why these trees give me shade? Why these roses are so beautifully made?
Who is making them so perfect?

To whom belong all these things?
I put dead seed into the soil; it gives me a mouth-watering fruit, with the very right amount of sugar.
These animals… they give me tasty food… milk, eggs, meat and so many benefits. I am using selfishly. Why, why, why is it so?
Is that I am here to do something? And someone gives me a support to do a job?
A job where a manager felicitated by CEO?worldly-life-in-islam1-680x365

Is it I have any purpose? Or it’s YOLO?
But if you only live once then why why! These threes which became yellow then they turn into dust and grow at next? Why I feel like a Test day night!
Why not every human is perfectly living? Why some rich, some poor and some striving?
Why some owner and why some yelled, why some face obesity and some face hunger?
When nature is so perfect than why humans are upset?
Its shows that the one who face unjust will achieve something in better
If not in this world than in some heaven; we are not only to rest on a dust bed!
There will be one day when we equally stand; Nature is the address of one ray, one light one hope the Existence of the one Creator! The perfect

I read there was one nation who said the sound familiar to the copy paste which now beautified as YOLO
And they say, “There is none but our worldly life, and we will not be resurrected.”(6:29)
“You only live once!” it’s  only a promulgation. When he gives life thereby to a dead land, Thus there will be resurrection
Your Creator says 
Does man think that we will not assemble his bones? Yes. [We are] Able [even] to proportion his fingertips.(75:3-4) Turn to him, before it’s too late

Ponder this
Then did you think that we created you uselessly and that to us you would not be returned?” (23:115)

Think again!



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