Allah is Al-Hafeedh (the Preserver)

Al-Hafeedh (The Guardian): The One Who protects and preserves what He created and Whose Knowledge encompasses all that He brought into existence. The One Who protects His friends from falling into sins and the destructive matters. The One Who is Kind to them during their periods of activity and rest. The One Who accounts the actions of the servants and their rewards.

“And Iblees did prove true his thought about them, and they followed him, all except a group of the true believers. And Iblees had no authority over them – except that We might test he who believes in the Hereafter from him who is in doubt about it. And your Lord is the Guardian over everything.” (34:20-21)

“As for those who take friends and protectors besides Him – Allaah is the Guardian over them and you are not a disposer of their affairs.” (42:6)

Explaining the detailed meanings of the Names of Allaah from Tayseer Kareemur-Rahmaan of Imaam as-Sa’dee


Aboo Tayyib At-Tabaree (an early scholar), was an old man – about a hundred years old. He was remarkable in that he was 100 years old and his vision and his hearing were sharp. He was physically capable of running and performing actions just like the young man. He once came back from a trip by sea – and you could imagine, during that time period, traveling by sea would exhaust people. Rather even today, by the time you land from an 8-houred flight, you are exhausted. This is with an air-conditioned seat and being served food, yet you are still exhausted. What about weeks and months at sea?

So when the boat landed and everyone was exhausted, Aboo Tayyib At-Tabaree jumps off the boat and hops down to the land. People were amazed. How could you be a hundred years old and jump around like this?

He said:

“When I was a young man, I preserved these bodily limbs from the disobedience of Allaah and Allaah preserved them for me in my old age”.

You can find this story mentioned by Ibn Rajab in his explanation to ‘Preserve Allaah and He will preserve you,’ of 40 Ahaadeeth of An-Nawaawee.

Source :

Al-Qawaa`id Al-Muthlaa – Shaykh Ibn Al-`Uthaymeen (rahimahullaah)

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