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The correct course for a Muslim is to learn Quran & ponder upon it and also to memorise the sayings of Prophet Salallahu Alehe walehe wasalam and reflect upon them; then to learn Arabic and saying of salafs. Islamic Aqeedah is far from superstitions and innovation, immense care and attention keep it preserve and also the methodology of salafs. It was not as ease… ullama has faced many problems and crises due to deviant sects and there falsified concepts. Ullama were questioned that who has the honor of superiority? A pious man or an angel ? Ahl Sunnah believes that a pious man, because a man has to face the challenges of nafs, ornaments (zeenaht) of the world, companions of Satan and other crises. On the other hand Mutazillah belief that angel has superiority over pious man. Sufis and Asharees have no opinion about this issue. And shetees belief that their Imams are superior then angles and humans.cropped-402002_237400406352422_1449564332_n.jpg Once a man asked a question to Imam Abu Hunaifa that who is superior, angels or prophets? He rahimaullah remain silent. Our duty is to have a belief on them; we are not required to believe that who is superior over whom. Ahl Sunnah believes that Prophets never commit grave sins, they never commit any error in conveying message and yes there is a possibility that they committed minor sins by mistake. The long hadith which is based on the “Sifarish and place of Mehmood show us that yes, prophets commits some minor mistakes and because of those they would not agree to speak a single word for any ummah” Ruling about the statement “Prophet is enough for me”. It is a wrong phrase because not any prophet created heaven and hell and not any creation but they are a part of creation. Ullma used to be very critical on the issue of Kalam, the basic objection is this that people should not give it priority upon the ilm of revelation. And their criticism is directly upon the jahimaya and mutazila. They negate God’s attributes and take Quran as a metaphor, they have formed some concepts which have a conflict between the common sense and the reason, they denied that human can find moral truths and right through common sense [which rejects the Quranic concept fa alhamaha fujuraha wa taqwaha]. Mutakalemoon (Asahriya , Mutazilah and jahimiya) said that Quran is only a book or faith and rhetoric arguments, But indeed Quran offers the rational arguments and proofs. These theologians used the word “Qadim(the opposite of Morden)” For God But Quran and hadith told us that Allah is Al-Awaal (The very first) ; they reduce God’s attributes and make describe God’s attributes as they perceived . Ahl sunnah avoid to interpret God’s attributes, his face and his existence symbolically and metaphorically. We belief “there is nothing like Him” we belief that Allah has his Will and Knowledge and his hand and his face we don’t anthropomorphise His attributes. We belief Allah is all above, above from heaven and this world and throne and he is not in this world. He is near to jugular vein means he is near through is knowledge but not as a being. Assharies and maturdiya says that Quran and other revelations are “kalam e naffsi” the inner voice, they says that Quran is not word’s of Allah but an interpretation, We Ahl sunnah believe that Quran is a word of God, He speak and articulated it and jibrael heard, We belief that “What God wills happen, and what he doesn’t will, does not happen” Allah doesn’t creates any absolute Evil, every evil which he bring into existence is a condition or a mean of good, not any evil end by itself. He has given the men a power of will and act and negating this concept is like negating God’s Justice and Quranic scripture. Ahl sunnah beliefs that the order of four Caliphs is also the order of their honor and dignity, We have a belief on the chain which is as follow Abu bakar, Umar, Usman and Ali Raziallahu ajmaeen. *Knowledge about God is “Fiqh ul Akbar” the highest knowledge, we followed two principles -First is the knowledge of the way of Allah that is a way of Shariya, which is consists on His commands, prohibitions. -Second is the knowledge of happiness and bounties which are reserved for those who came toward Allah with right manner. All revelation which Messenger brought to us, it is Fardh e Kifayya upon us to disseminate its idea, work on cogent arguments, call people with wisdom and all those things which Allah make incumbent upon us.These obligations are upon every person as per their talent, abilities, knowledge and about their specialties. As time passes deviant people’s proponents start using to do Tawil (a right interpretation) of quran in order to accept it, very few people distinguished between right and wrong interpretation. People who misinterpret text and became deviant are varies in different types some of them reached Kufar (infidelity), some are intransigence (Fisq) some are in Sins (Masiyya) and some are on the state of Khata (mistakes). Many scholars comment on the creed of Mutakaleemum and when we noticed the reason then we got the conclusion that elder scholars have inclined the unacceptable kalam, which is against Allah’s decreed, Ulamaa never disapprove the terms of Substance, body, accident etc and they never make objection over the things which new science employed. Neither have they opposed any effort for established the truth and refute the batil which skeptics or non Muslims raised. aqeedahbanner

Gems From Aqeedah At Tahawiyah

*We say About The unity Of ALLAH- With ALLAH’s help – That ALLAH is ONE , Without any Partner.  The preaching of every prophet is Tawhid (the oneness of Allah). And We sent not before you any messenger except that We revealed to him that, “There is no deity except Me, so worship Me.”[21:25] So the first duty upon Muslim is to witness that there is No God except Allah. He is the one, there is no reflect of him like sceptical thought and the censured mutakalemoon has stated. Jurists has faced one question that “if a person who didn’t testimony of faith and fulfilling his obligations and aspects of Islam, is that his Islam is valid?” the right opinion is yes is Muslim by fulfilling the entire deeds particular to Islam. Towheed -e-Ilahiya the faith on oneness of God (as the only object of worship) has three dimensions -Towheed-e-Assma-wa-Siffat   (maintain the unity of names and attributes of Allah) -Towheed ar Raaboobiyah (maintaining the unity of lordship) -Towheed-e-Illahhiyah/ Ibaddah (maintaining the unity of worship) The corruption in towheed-e-assma-wa-siffat led people toward the concept of hulul (incarnation) and itahad (union). Towheed e Raaboobiyah is the affirmation that the Creator of the heaven and earth and everything is only one God he is alone the creator of everything, “Is there any doubt about the existence of Allah, the originator of Heaven and Earth?”[14:10] Some people claim that Ferro asked from Moses about the nature of God but Moses didn’t speak about the Nature of  God, This is wrong ferro didn’t put this question. Pagan Arabs also have believed that their creator is only one God. “If you ask from then, who created heaven and earth they will say Allah”   Indian, Turks and other polytheists also has believe upon one Creator who has been created everything for them their idols are refer pious men and other good things. Rasoolullah Sallaho alehe walehe waslam said “whenever any pious men died in their community they erected a church on his grave and decorate his grave with icons and they will be the worst people in Allah’s sights on the day of judgement”  He also said “Beware! People before you used to make grave of their prophet and pious people to worshiping around; Beware! Do not make mosques onto graves I strictly forbade it to do so” These people assert the existence of one God but they do so because they think that they might be their protectors other then god and they help them to be close to God! They serve them beside this that they cannot be helping them in any profit only any loss.  Every child born on Fitrah (the natural way, the religion of Islam) these are his parents who make him Jew or christen. It means that every person by nature seeks benefit and ward off harm and his nature requires to know about his creator and to worship him alone. The fitrah of Islam is the natural disposition man has given to love and worship Allah alone. Towheed-e-illahiya implies towheed e raboobiyah. It has two kinds – Towheed in knowledge – Towheed in reorganization the entire Quran is based upon towheed from the very beginning to the last surah. Shahadah (bearing witness): Shahadah is about witnessing and about to report and clarification, it has four aspects -Knowledge (understanding and a sound believe) -Speaking (and the realization of what he has witnessed) -Inform others to it (dawah, clarify all matters) – Act upon commands and avoid forbade There are two aspects of reporting by actions and by speech, it is obligatory to obey and follow His testimony. Allah has stated “This day I have perfected your religion for you, completed my favor upon you, and granted my pleasure to Islam as the religion for you” [5:3] therefore it is not necessary to complete the religion with anything which comes from outside the Quran and Sunnah. We should not interpret his words according to our fancy and our desire; no one can secure his faith without submission to Allah and his Messenger. One of Allah’s attribute is Al-Mu’min, and according to one explanation of its meaning is he is the one who show the sign to mankind to bear the testimony, another His name is Ash-Shaheed means the Whom from nothing can hidden or escape. He knows the knowledge of all details and everything he knows. His names and attributes are also used as a evidence of his unity to polytheists, He is Allah, There is no God but HE, the sovereign Lord, the Holy one the fountain of Peace , the preserver of security, the protecting Guardian, the exalted in power, the dominant, the great supreme, Glorified be Allah above all that the associated him” [59:23] Towheed-e-Illahiya is which Prophet preached and the book taught, people should not divide towheed by their will like some people says that the first part of towheed is for common people and second is for elected and the third part is for mystical experience, this is nothing but a fate of faith. we belief that prophets were best in towheed. Submission to one God is the pleasant satisfaction which any human can attain, in Chapter 2 He said “Behold! His lord said to him “Submit to me” (and) He said “I submit to the lord and cherishes of the universe”” [2:131] *NOTHING LIKE HIM” Ahl Sunnah are agreed that nothing is like Allah, Not in his essence, attribute or in acts. And However the word Tahbish (as likely), it’s mean that the attributes of Allah cannot be ascribe to creator being as “Nothing like Him”[42:11] it’s negates all the ideas of anthropomorphism (Mutashabih). God use some attributes for his servants but it doesn’t mean that attributes are like the divine attributes, His love, Anger, Ghazab, Hate are haq(truth). Philosopher and people of esoteric (Batilah) used to say that His(God) pleasure is simply a allegory or metaphor. Say to them “you must believe that he is real, he is there, existing of Himself and there are also bodies existing in themselves but Allah is not like them”  (page 95) Every created being need a creator, a dependent creature needs a creator which is self sufficient, eternal, beginning less and independent of all for this whole universe and for all of this living mechanism.  By the same name creator and creations are not become identical, and sharia also says that “Two cannot be alike”. Revelation contain God’s attributes which doesn’t lead to tashbih as God says in Quran “there is nothing like him” the only reason to tech these attributes is to teach and make ease to understand about the idea of a God. Rasoolullah Sallahu alehe walehe wasalam told us every matter with the name which describe the whole concept like zakah(poor-due) , saowm(fasting), iman (faith) etc.     “Nothing is impossible for him”   Truly Allah can do anything [2:20] He is complete just, all knowing and all powerful, nothing can compete him and no one can grasp Him. Ahl sunnah describe Allah same as Allah describe His self

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