Don’t let your schooling interfere in your religion!

Don’t let your schooling interfere in your religion!


Here, I just mold the idea of Mark Taiwan as he referred education on first place, I do agree with his option, but I think the option I suggested is fairly important now a days for our generation and generations to come.

We allow our system to control mindsets which is dangerous , we allow media to mesmerize us and to set new trends , we allow scientists to speak on religions instead of discovering something new, we allow our schools to impose alien ideas instead of knowledge which answers the curious souls. We allow universities to make our men and women look like zombies in a race for “more”, we allow our half baked opinion makers to change minds and start influencing business instead of putting up positive notions and indicators for progress and prosperity.

Lo and Behold, we have enslaved ourselves, yet we have not realized it.

Where is your intelligence o Human Being???

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