Cosmological Argument (Kalam)

P1- Whatever begins to exist has a cause 

P2- The universe began to exist

=     Therefore the universe has a cause
Now that “Cause” must be un-caused, transcendent, immaterial, space-less, eternal, supreme and One.Cosmological Argument (Kalam)

Whatever Begins to Exist has a Cause

Ex nahilo nahil fit (out of nothing, nothing come) this is substantiated premise which is absorbed by the centuries and every layman can easily accept this fact, you are using your pen and you know the cause behind your pen is the manufactures likewise you are begin to exists and the cause behind you is your parents. So this premise is verified by our keen experience.
We can simply can say that no doubt whatever begin to exists has a cause. And this fact can never be rejected by anyone.

The universe began to exist


The universe has the beginning; the model of Big-bang by the cosmologists is approved and most accurate theory about the existence of the universe.
 it was not eternal as people like russlle and hawkin that “I just say that universe is just there, and that’s all” means it have no beginning then If the universe is the eternal then the actual number of infinity must occur, but the actual infinity cannot be exists in real world of stars, planets, rocks and men. The actual infinity nowhere found in reality it neither exists and not legitimate a rational thoughts so the actual infinity is Impossible therefore the universe is not eternal it must has a beginning.
Now I can say that “the universe has a cause”

The universe has a cause

The cause behind the universe is un-caused as we know that everything has a cause now how this cause is un-caused? Like if you want to make a call from phone and the owner of the phone said that I need to ask from my senior, his senior said I need to asked from my senior and its like so and so , than can you ever able to make a call??? Yes obviously you can’t until the time when a person says Yes I allowed you to make it. So that must be a first caused which is un-caused. Likewise if the cause have the cause and it reaches to ∞ then the universe would not be exists… but the universe has exists and its proved that there is one cause which is un-caused and the attribute of that unseen caused must be timeless, space-less, Immaterial as these all things began at the time of big bang, and this cause must be ONE as by the Occam’s law the entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity.


  • Who created the God? Who created the un-caused cause?
    Well if someone asked this question he/she must not understand the premises because universe cant began without that first, cause which is un caused.
  • People says like cause and effect happen in the universe but not off the universe
    So and so there is no reason to believe this logic because this is a meta-physics principle , like if you hear a tud and your fellow said there is nothing out side .. do you believe this ? Obviously not
  • Some scientists give us a model of Multiverse (MT-theory) and they reject the time theory.
    Well okay if they do so then 1) there is no empirical evidence of multiverse unlike big bang, this is only a idea of sciences. 2) but if they say so then we can apply the same argument on multiverse , whatever began to exists has a cause, even it’s a multi verse, it also starts from any cause which is 100% a uncaused. Nothing came out from nothing and the level of probability can’t be accurate as we know practically.
  • If actual infinity dose not exists, so God is actual infinite so God cannot exists?
    this question is based on confusion , the confusion of infinity and actual infinity , the actual infinity and infinity are refer the set of collection but not the Single being.
  • You said actual infinity does not exist okay the potential infinity can exist? And if it exists than the universe potentially infinite?
    well see if the universe is initially old then the series of past events must be beginning less , and if the past events are beginning less than the present events would not be occur.. but you know the present events are keep on occurring…
    therefore 1) the history of past events are finite, 2)the history of universe must begin 3)the universe must have a beginning.

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