Ego and Arrogance In Islam

Ego and Arrogance have two conditions..

1-when you are right and people pass their comments on you (they are arrogant)
2-when you are wrong but you never listen to others..(you are arrogant)

there are new kinds of “Islamists” gaining attention now a days..

one of the kind which calls everyone deviant etc and the second kind is known as “modernist” now the first ones are putting fatwah on dae’es and they are kind of arrogant and they don’t know.. they are bit kind of extremists and *islam is a fundamental religion* and the second kind of people are taking islam as a light joke and yes “joke” now when people have started making attractive videos of women, this will open many doors for new fitan. Couple of days ago i found br adnan rashid’s objection and response on happy muslim kind of video … and at the same time one page of a dae’e had posted this video with complete acceptance!!
now what is happening is that those who dont know the real fundamentals of islam are choosing “GOOD LOOKING” islam now a days …
which looks beautiful.. attractive and u know modren(not modern in an Islamic way but in a way that the majority says ) … *Happy british muslim is one of the kind of this type*
and those who have lack of wisdom and knowledge are fighting with everyone…
now what is on our part..
– i need to check myself first …
(-need to correct my aqeedah -need to check my fiqh of life (my life, my eating manners, manners of my life, my covering issues etc)-my ibadah and imaan level (quality and quantity *prefer quality)-my learning and love for deen -and the dawah… the thing which i am sharing is right or wrong ? do you think is it my opinion or is it plainly based on knowledge of haq?

May Allah give us hiddayah

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