Feminisim Debunked

Anti Islamic discussions booths are everywhere and polluting our layman’s mind against Islam and one of the most vast spreading topic is “Feminism”

Now the basic question is that what feminism is?

Well ! The most Feminist (Popular Opinion): Hairy, man-hating women determined to prove themselves superior to men and take over all male jobs.

And basically feminism is “An advocate for social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men.”

Feminist (Muslim Popular Opinion): Hairy, man-hating women who are going to destroy the natural order of this world by claiming to be equal to men.

Muslim Feminist/ Feminism: A form of feminism concerned with the role of women in Islam. It aims for the full equality of all Muslims, regardless of gender, in public and private life. (Wikipedia)

We see that our Muslim women who have been brainwashed by the West into thinking that the role of a wife and mother isn’t enough for her, and you feel strange that these sisters trying to quote Ayaat and Ahadeets to justify her clearly warped and corrupted views.

Now beside this, the major issue and my rebuttal is this that the “feminism” has nothing to do with Islam and not with women, with every angle the feminism is not just irrational but also it is an unjust approach…Feminisim debunked


And I am going to argue that

*feminism is un-just

*feminism is un-clear

*feminism denies the human reality


Feminism is UNJUST

It has been claimed that women need justice because she is suffering from injustice but wait a mint not also men who are suffering and children? Justice for only one group for society is like a bike with one tyre…

Men have fundamental need for justice just as a women justice means giving people which they deserve but we know that feminism and justice are not synonyms!

Biologically every woman involve in counts in reproduction and perpetuating life itself – giving each woman an intrinsic worth, regardless of what she does.

This is why, instinctively, we priorities safety and comfort for women rather than men; why women are rescued first in any emergency or disaster, and get the first seats in lifeboats; why men tend to work longer hours, risking life and limb in the more dirty and dangerous jobs like being coal miners, oil drillers, foot soldiers, construction workers, rubbish collectors, and the male relative acting as the unpaid bodyguard in the home. To quote one activist, „women are human beings whilst men are human doings.”


Feminists seek “liberation” from the “shackles” of the traditional female role, the man is still expected to continue his traditional, disposable role.

 The reason is that the feminists will not advocate this is because they are not really after

equality, but the means to achieve gender privilege.

Women do not need gender privilege and therefore they do not need feminism. In reality, they, along with men, need justice – a comprehensive justice for all.

Feminism is un-clear

Women need clear solutions and feminism is unclear . Some women want to be like men (like men clothing, hanging out with males etc), they actually want liberation to be like men,

And some women (feminist btw) want to be free from men

It is un-shared values system and also have no moral guidance, feminists do not agree on anything but the name . it promotes the idea of individualism instead of freeing women from bad situations, feminists wants to free women to be a men

Feminism denies the human reality

Finally, I argue that feminism denies human reality – it straitjackets women, and does not understand or accommodate the natural proclivities of the genders.

We all know the biological differences across the sexes but yet the feminists insists that there is nothing different expect genders

Men are naturally tend to be faster, bigger, possess more stamina and are physically stronger. So teaching a girl that she can naturally compete equally with men in everything is misleading.


In Islam Women & Men

In Islam, men and women and their actions are equal in the eyes of God, God says in the Qur‟an “Never will I allow to be lost the work of [any] worker among you, whether male or female; one of you is as the other” (3:195).

The Islamic system is not based on selfish individualism but a God-centered world view promoting mutual reciprocity.

In Islam, women do not serve men, nor do men serve women. Rather, we serve God by helping each other and giving

to each other based on human needs, with the understanding that humans are not all the same.


*Islam allows women to marry, accept refuse on her choice

*Allows her to buy ,sale her property and give her inheritance

* Islam not obligate women to go out and earn for her family , but it allows women to enter the workplace – but not out of the necessity of the struggle to support herself, but out of choice,

Islam provides a clear, natural and just solution to ensuring justice for all humans, and has no need for feminism’s vain attempts

In the end, true self-worth and contentment does not come through submission to any aspect of creation but rather, by submission to the Creator Himself and all that He Commands.

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