Tale of Courage and determination

He was standing alone between the shoulder and the summit. Yes! Between the journey of chaos and emotions; between the black and white; Sajid Ali Sadpara taught us many lessons.

The unstoppable one of the youngest K2 guy, Sajid left no reason for why not he needs to find his father.

This emotional journey itself was fuelled with the fire of determination, which he probably lend from his father. The snow leopard Ali Sadpara, the one who faced the mighty K2 in almost every season of Pakistan left a fine legacy behind.

It’s not easy to re-track your last journey’s steps and keep reminding where we directed. It’s by the fire in his heart for his lost father.

Sajid, boy you taught this nation If we fuel our goals with emotional attachment then nothing can stop us besides the Qadar Of Allah.

The young marvelous son successfully searched his father’s dead body near the bottleneck and buried the snowman Ali Sadpara at Basecamp 4.

As I said, besides the black and white, there are so many things to learn.

I wish you a courageous life ahead with the hope that you will always be wise in making and fulfilling goals as some goals lead us nowhere. I believe you will do a great job in achieving the meaningful purpose of life and move forward with dignity, peace & valor..

By Fasiha Khan

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