Train your Brain

There is always so much going on in our lives. It’s us who don’t allow our brains to exercise our soul to struggle.
We choose ease choices to live a life a bed of roses a cool breeze to enjoy if we just shift the paradigm we can feel the load on our shoulders.
As I always emphasis on our life and purpose as we are not here to only pay bills or to enjoy marvel at cinema or to have the strongest coffee cup with trending cup style.

So much is here to do, more than now will pending after our death.
We just need to focus; we just need to get out from Our comfort zone.

This universe is demanding our input to make this world a better place.

Stand up and think about your goals and objective of life. Train your brain to think more , little more with the infusion of positivism.

Well Wisher Fasiha with Food for soul

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