Every time whenever we face difficulties, those untold hardships which makes our shoulders heavier , which stops us to thinking positive even to   keep out emotions secret.

Dealing with such difficulties seems hard. We cannot just remove our thoughts from our mind. 

Thinking about the same issues makes issues more complicated; let us see how to see a second side of the coin.

What can help us to face the hard times?  Difficult situations?


First and foremost what I believe is that all those difficulties,  end roads,  full stops does contains some keys,  some hope,  some ray of light. 

Not any dead lock is a real lock until you are breathing, until your heart is pumping.  Until the flow of blood is moving inside you. Until you have FAITH! Yes!  Nothing can stop until you stop. you lose the faith.


Difficulties, hard times are actually some little unlike situations which we cannot change. Yes I do agree there are some situations which we as a human cannot change.  But this doesn’t mean that we as a human cannot move forward think positive, think bright or move forward.


Difficulties are inside us, they are in our approach to deal with them in the right way. 


Things can move, time will pass, scars on heart get dim one day. Than you will learn to move,  learn how to focus,  learn how to make a change; where scars teaches you to think more safer,  more better , more brighter, more healthy.


The best thing about time is that it passes.  It never stop, God always gives chance to his creature.  He knows us as he created us. 


Doesn’t who created you know you better?


Just give yourself some time, some food to your soul. And a tip “Never listen negative people go with positivity and it will helps you in anyway”


Your well-wisher Fasiha khan

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