Answer for a Deception

Self deception is the enemy of self awareness. It’s defrauds us on a big scale by causing biasness, Behaviors can’t remain rational they are usually become biased, and what I personally feel is that, our biased thoughts are like ice burgs which can never be melt without the warmth and soothing truth.

Couple of days ago I read one atheist’s reaction on God existence which is no doubt a mere deception. It was a unique contention saying “What if I say Harry potter is a God?”

There are many solid reasons to say that “No! It’s a false and deluded statement”
But the method for refuting this statement is our own self because I don’t want to open the box of cosmological, scientifically, DNA or any other out of the world argument.
Believing on one God is indubitable! It is a Basic belief which neither changes and nor denied and the A basic belief is an idea which we hold that cannot be explained by some another idea. It’s the truth seems self-evident to us. That is what makes it basic or foundational. Now let me show how the formula of basic belief which works inside you…

Like if A asks from B: Why are you studding?

B: For Job
A: Why Job?
B: For Money
A: Why money?
B: to buy what all I want
A: But why you want to bought?
B: For my happiness and satisfaction
A: But why you want to be happy?
B: No response … (beside A and B, let me ask from you… do you have any answer why?)

Why is that so? Because of lack of thinking about the basic belief … the happiness is not the only Reason for a job or a life there is something behind it… Everyone has basic belief but people are largely unaware from it. When a person faced tragedies they think about “Why” but they don’t have the answer “Because” and this “why” unshielded the mind when he think about “Why”,he don’t understand that answer of “why” can only be  only provided by our basic belief formula.

Our basic believe doesn’t require any information transfer it is understandable by every lay man even he is abnormal, you don’t need to sit in a bio, physics or in any astronaut’s lab to discover it. They are self evident truths and believe which holds by our nature. You know your mother is your mother this is your basic belief , you know that you have one grand ,grand grand grand, grand mother even you have never seen her, you have never seen her cloths, you don’t know what was her name was and where she buried. But you know she exists! Wait a minute… but the believing on God who is creator is not like believing on a Grandmother,

We need solid argument that why and how right? So as we know that this universe has begin to exists (and thanks God! We are living in 2014 no more Russel who can make us fool that this universe is just exists and it’s beginning less!) And this universe has a cause and the cause behind the universe is uncaused it’s not like U1 created by U2 and U3 is by U4 and so and so… Like if you wanted to make a call from phone but the owner of that particular phone said that I needed to ask from my senior, his senior would say I need to asked from my senior and it’s a so and so game isn’t? than can you ever been able to make a call?? Obviously you can’t until the time when a person says Yes! I allowed you to make it.
So that must be a first caused which is uncaused. Likewise if the cause have the cause and it reaches to ∞ then the universe would not be exists… but the universe has exists and its proved that there is one cause which is uncaused and the attribute of that unseen caused must be timeless, spaceless, Immaterial as these all things began at the time of big bang, and this cause must be ONE as by the Occam’s law[1] the entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity.

Our belief of accepting God existence is inbred like  Dr Justin Barrett, a senior researcher at the University of Oxford Centre for Anthropology and Mind, states ‘the preponderance of scientific evidence for the past 10 years or so has shown that a lot more seems to be built into the natural development of children’s minds than we once thought, including a predisposition to see the natural world as designed and purposeful and that some kind of intelligent being is behind that purpose…’ He adds that ‘we threw a handful [of children] on an island and they raised themselves…they would believe in God’ To put it simply, his answer as to why anyone would believe in God is that, our minds are designed to do so.

Here we come to our pin point which was Harry potter let us analyse it
-A charter! Written by a lady
-Harry potter has a cause, he is created by someone.
-For constructing this argument need to do PhD in magic and all kind of logics to prove themselves right, because if I leave him along with dozen of , five year old kids and isolate them than after 6 months then we know children would never say that he is a God, they would say he is our friend!
– He was nothing without his wand.
– Weak enough who don’t even can watch clear without his spectacles and even he recognize as a best magician he was not able to make his eyesight perfect and you know what did this act shows?? He cannot play with the Rules of Nature.
So Stop Red-Herring and Stay Focused!  10001561_1431846237059675_258345091_n

[2] [Justin L. Barrett, Why Would Anyone Believe in God?] ://…/why-would-anyone-believe-in-god/]

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