Nature leads me toward its Creator

   Nature Inspire me… the way river flows, wind blows, the rain drop touches the leaves and the thunder makes me shrive. Mild mornings stray nights.. Err The beautifully settled world!

Land , Oceans… the roaring of a vast deep ocean, ice capped  Mountains,Silvery Moon, which fascinates a soul every time mount_fuji__japan___photowhen he gaze Lakes, charming green hills, Animals, Humans, vividly colored flowers and most of all the Cutest Smiles of Kids…

This beauty of this World makes me amazed it’s touches the heart like nothing else, do, it’s fills up the heart with joy and the soothing sensation. It’s evaluates the soul and gives a peace of heart…Peace

which indicates the One who has Created such a fascinating inexpressible World… Indeed these pearls , reefs, gems and the human his self is a miracle…

Indeed the upholders of earth need to think about How and Why? How these things are so beautiful and Why these things are so Amazing… This Nature is A Gateway to Know your GOD, your Creator Your sustain-er.   69275_487164921330931_352456271_n

This world is a prove that There is Some ONE who already knows that we are coming toward it… Imagine entering a hotel room on your next vacation. The CD player on the bedside table is softly playing a track from your favorite recording. The framed print over the bed is identical to the image that hangs over the fi replace at home. The room is scented with your favorite fragrance.1794733_1725516391007420_4888237610554791471_n You shake your head in amazement and drop your bags on the floor.
You’re suddenly very alert. You step over to the minibar, open the door, and stare in wonder at the contents. Your favorite beverages. Your favorite cookies and candy. Even the brand of bottled water you prefer. You turn from the minibar, then, and gaze around the room. You notice the book on the desk: it’s the latest volume by your favorite author. You glance into the bathroom, where personal care and grooming products are lined up on the counter, each one as if it was chosen specifically for you. You switch on the television; it is tuned to your favorite channel.
Chances are, with each new discovery about your hospitable new environment, you would be less inclined to think it was all a mere coincidence, right?
You might wonder how the hotel managers acquired such detailed information about you. You might marvel at their meticulous preparation. You might even double-check what all this is going to cost you. But you would certainly be inclined to believe that someone knew you were coming…[1]

   Who can be the one who know about your taste, choice, will, emotions?Does He who created not know, while He is the Subtle, the Acquainted?[2] Is there a Creator, other than Allah?[3]

This nature is not only for amusement if it would than defiantly not a single loses human faced and nothing destroyed: everything stay green forever. This life and death, days and nights, ocean and desserts, land and mountains children and old fellows they all are signboards which lead you to God,
The one who can bring them in a new form and annul them as they were never before can bring you back after your death… Nature is a blessing Indeed do a favor to yourself and know the creator


[1]There is A God by Antony Flew pg 113
[2]Surah Mulk 67-14
[3]Surah Fatir 35-3

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