Some Reflections on philosophy of child learning

The basic philosophy have psychology as a part within the philosophy, just in the last hundred years the branches of psychology created which make more sub categories and made child psychology a different aspect.

There were some major flaws scientists faced

The research and parameters of “judging & evaluating” child is based on research on cats, dogs, monkeys etc.

Secondly, these researchers are coming from west & in 60’s they already deprived the idea of survival of fittest & was unsure about soul..

So the basic purpose behind psychology I. E soul & knowledge set back & the empirical mindset took place.

John Holt, in those times provide rational thought for children not only for psychology but also the way children learn.

history of education should be ready by everyone of us as it is an eye opening fact of the world

They used Schools, as a factory where they design the products for market with a, b, c categories.

This is to support the capitalism & to make human brain to behave as required.

The another major point which I believe should pass out to every parent that in west 1960′- 1980′ those children who not adjust with school norms are seems bad and low to people ( still we practice same in our society)

His moment, growing without schools started in 1971 which created a huge impact.

The best part in John holts’s interview I found when

“An interviewer asked from him” is there is any curriculum which every child can read? ”

He responded with yes
He must know how to say
1- I am sorry
2- I don’t know
3- I may be wrong”

There are two things, things is a little word it meant to be two concepts

1- The standard of living

2- The quality of life

We always mix these ideas & never sort out what actually we are struggling for.

We in the learning pattern always put our child in phonic in worksheets!
We never know why we are doing this?

Autism h Dysgraphia both are produced in between 1950’s to 1980’s

A good source to know such issues is a book by

Howard Gardner
Frames of mind.

We need to go with the policy of Trust children & let them grow in a natural lifestyle.

Fasiha khan

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