For I don’t where this path would lead
For I don’t know where my destiny lies

 But for sure, from here on I shall rise
My path Is no cakewalk and my body knows no rest
 Here I stand now embraced in mud and sweat
My legs have walked miles, but still ache for more
My boat sailing to the storm of the ocean, unknown of the shore
 My vision undisturbed and with every step I multiply
You need to bend low, low as you can, before you sore high
 If you fail, shove away the failure from your skin
Don’t quit the battle, strive with,passion and then you shall win
 Each stone on your road teaches you
The one’s who ignore are plenty, but those who learn, very few
 Fear no thorn on your way, that it may prick you
 Where a thorn, a beautiful flower grows for have a brighter view
 Fear not, the attacks thrown on you by nature
 Face your obstacles as a man of stature
 Let not the world put you down by its shrewd words
Let not your ache, zeal be jailed, set them as free birds
 Be benevolent to even those who seek no good for you
 To alter the saint from evil, it only takes a few
 Let no illusion astray you, from your desire
Even though the beings fill your path with brier
You may have no company but that of solitude
Let not that change your passion, let this be your attitude
 For towards you, others nay wear a heart of despise
 Be not a fool to be trapped in their sugar coated lies
If you ever bleed, bleed to learn, not for the death of your hope
 When in dark, Illuminate it with the light of your hope.


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