In between the cycle of stress and energy

As I have discussed in previous part, being a parent or whatever role we have at home or at work, the disappointment we face is because of the stress cycle.
Our daily life pilled with stress, drain feelings and anxious emotions, let us have some insight of our stress cycle to see how we can act physically to support our life system at home and at work.

Our daily lifestyles are so much into stress, nowadays from a three year old to 50 years old we all are facing muddled situations. we are trapped inside, moving harder and harder, this struggles keep circulating and making us more exhausted.

When we are stressed we don’t sleep well and when we don’t sleep well, we make a poor start of day and this affects our productivity which process us to damage, loss and mistakes, this is enough to ruin our day and our evenings. However, unwanted frustration keeps our mind distracted until we sleep and that poor sleep make us stand in the same cycle the next day…

We can fix that stress cycle and get out of the trap by willingness, self believe & productivity.
You can reverse the cycle from stress to energy.
Your poor start becomes an energized start, by focusing and endursing relevancy helps you to avoid your poor performance and mistakes and this can lead you to a positive and de stressed mind which helps you to have a sound sleep with an encouragement to yourself.
So things to do are simple, all You need is to increase your health by having raw veggies and natural food in your life, qailula, can help you to have a power nap, which provides you a mind resting time & inside strength to fulfill the Sunnah. Exercise daily for 15-20 minutes can also help, not in the gym, but in the fresh air. It helps you to stay focused.

Exercise is the best way to increase stamina & developing your focus on things, good book reading or something good to watch which increases the positivity, and not to drain yourself because of stressed, hopeless content. Hope it will help us all to keep us motivated, on track, focused at home & at work.


fasiha khan.

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