A Balanced Life…?

We always go to find a balanced life, everything perfectly fine, well balanced, well defined, well understood.

Does this really happen? Can we get this “well balanced” life?

A well balanced life is nothing more than a glamorous word, a one sided description of a healthy happy life.

In reality this is not more than a popular thing to learn only.  We cannot get everything perfectly balanced?  How?  Why?

Let me make one ‘very clear’ and practical statement here ” You cannot live a happy healthy life while hanging a balance scale in your neck”.

balanced life

Yes!  You cannot always make a probability graph, static sheet, daily life ups and downs journal to give this life or you can say happy life a picture.

Set your own parameters for time and balance, look how God teaches us to create productivity in our time and effort.  Never try to run after any social tradition, culture or so called public personality or any influencer.  As they only show you one sided of the picture what they want you to know about them.

My advice for you and for myself is to live productive healthy life is to concentrate on productiveness & progress instead of focusing only on balance.

This life, this time, these days will never come back to save your energy again.

So before focusing only on balance think about the productiveness, satisfaction and peace of mind.

Give yourself some time to prioritize your activities, time, focus and what makes you calm, relax & satisfied.

Be yourself and live a normal life like a normal person.

Little food for soul by Fasiha khan


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