Why Me?

‘Why me?’ are not just two words, they are the phases. Phases which come and go.

Why me? A question, a thought which always raises whenever we face anything out of plan or anything unexpected or anything unwanted.

why me
Why me? Has multiple cases. It’s not like any singular case that makes a person think about his bad. It caused because of multiple issues at a time. A phase of a life where you are facing issues and unwanted situations even though you are trying hard to fix everything.

Everyone on earth face this question in life, it’s very difficult to say that anyone in specific never had such idea with the emotions of why me?

The reason behind this why is “neglecting attitude” an attitude where we are not in a position to see another side of the picture.

This ‘why’ not just contains grief, sadness, but it also has the feelings of anger, rebellion, arrogance and most of all lack of optimism.

These are not labels which I mentioned. They are some feelings which combines together whenever we go with the phase of ‘Why Me?’.

These are phases of anxiety which can come to anyone’s life because of any unlikely situation. We cannot entitle anyone because of such feelings. As the feelings are genuine and driven by human emotions & caused factors.

But yes! We can understand the ‘why’ so we can deal this ‘why me’ phase of our life easily.

Things happens just because we are living in a real world. It’s not a biological mechanism working in this world. As we are human, we have a heart and mind. We have a capacity of thinking and bearing.

Yes, my empathy is with you.

Food for soul By Fasiha khan

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