A Fact with False Propagation- Domestic Violence is REAL


No one from us denied the existence of domestic violence, It is real, Side effects of Domestic violence are real, we are living a real life with fancy theme of liberation but the reality is that we are in shackles … we are living a life which make people please, their pleasure matters; that is why when time comes to make people unpleased they violate our rights because no one has the fear of any accountability on physical or mental torcher… When did the day of accountability come? is another topic. But yes, for sure we are not here in this life to pay bills only. There must be a reason to have a high functionality based body with without doubt an accurate structure.

Now the point is same Domestic voilance…

domastic voilance

Domestic violence a voice which make me feel that a bearded man with shalwar qameez going to slap a woman in black using sarcastic laugh and abusive words, holding his holy book Quran and giving her reasons that she is dirt, she should be silent, he has right to beat and sexually exploit her, and people listing this “mahaan” words while standing outside his home and apricating his manpower and encouraging thought on his “Nobel” “legit” act!

Really is it so? Or it’s just a sound and a perception which I am feed by media owners to make me biased for these sub titles and ambiguous about the rulings of religion?

Is that really that uneducated mullahs are the only reason of domestic violence and only this religion Islam is in town to make women suffer in this world to make a God happy? Or she is evil by her original sin which is written on bible?

Is that really this religion is a root of evil or this post age zombie new humanism and gender equality lead a man to treat woman the way they want without any transcended rule or moral chart to live a life?

Does human need any instruction manual or he need to act the way he wants, with the topping of YOLO?

Stop Red Herring! Let me pin this balloon of neo allegations which are highly getting fame in media and social media.

In US women killed by their husbands/ boyfriends more than us troop killed in Afghanistan and Iraq [1]

It’s a sobering fact. At least one third of all female homicide victims in the U.S. are killed by male intimate partners — husbands and ex-husbands, boyfriends and estranged lovers. [2]

There men use financial power to persuade them for a abusive relation and mantel torture [3]. Ray rice’s story was not a hidden scandal anymore… he found punching his girlfriend Janay in elevator [4]

it’s common to see cases [51,2,3] from these celebrities which are simply shame for all humanity and a question mark for all prestigious universities who proud to be their institutions. Yearly report od There is a Violence policy center’s yearly report where they cater yearly statistics in When Men Murder Women [6] by their survey “More than 1,600 women were murdered by men in 2015 and the most common weapon used was a gun [6]
Homelessness has been increased because of the increase in domestic violence” [7]

Oxford madressah oh sorry! Oxford university has the most sexual harassment cases [8], and students are not able to make even a single complain due to the risk factor of career failing[9].

Not only oxford, Howard and other prestigious university are fail to provide a safe strategy to deal with women, 300 cases were recorded[10] and elzibert said “ 85 per cent of survivors do not report their cases to the police”[11],  In Cambridge University and other High Educational institutes in USA and in Uk Daily Times Reported that “Women are treated like meat”[12]

Hold on… are they all were madrassa students? Or Muslims or kind of foundational Islamism?

Who are they? What’s going on this world? This is “Gender Equality dilemma” is making homosepains arrogant toward manners to deal with women? Are they all deal her the way they deal their brothers, male friends, fathers and dogs?

Does really they don’t need any instructions manual or any law to know how to deal with those who are different from them? Being a women doesn’t mean a open recourse to play with… it’s an honor which people who think can understand.

I didn’t see any beard real molvi deal women with unjust behavior…  also I want to clarify that not every men who has beared and every person who call himself Muslim is full of good manners. But what I want to say is that the “ revelation “ from God Quran and the sayings and character of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is all what Islam is. People are following or not is not the question. The right question is “is this Islam really providing a sound structure for society and safe strategies for women?

As this postmodern culture, the barbaric Christianity history, illiterate Hindu and Egyptian cultures never protect any women from the results of gender equality.

They make man and women competitors instead of partners, they are in a competition, instead of making family they are up to compete each other in offices, universities,  clubs, societies and almost everywhere.

What we need now is to look women as a different from men. They are not like men. They are different… the way to treat her is different, it’s not like a tom and jerry show it’s a real-life matter. She can’t face all these things easily. She needs protection. Don’t label her with equality, label her with respect and show compassion toward your women.

Domestic violence is not an Islamic order, actually it’s against Islamic preaching and law. It’s an international disease which is came into being by a mislead formula which is deal men and women equally.  Everywhere and in every field. It’s make them more comfortable to forget the differences and lead to behave with an equal gender who can violate rules anytime anywhere.

End Quote: The basic point is to understand the problem and the work to fix the issue. A straw man cannot help you to solve the issue, it can only lead you and others to more complications instead to make a right strategy to solve this inhumanity.  Teach men to treat women as women not as a women, as women cannot be equivalent to men from her bio to brain. She demands a different atmosphere, Respect her and treat her well.

Love for Every Women walk on Globe by Fasiha Khan



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