Hammer and Nail

We kill creativity with useless and countless corrections. It’s true! In our class we have so many students with different backgrounds, different mindsets, and different countries. We all have our own life experiences, way to perceive things, understand ideas and even lines. Whenever we discuss our thoughts on any point or any session, I have observed each of us has some different style of understanding & implementation.

Moreover, everyone has something better in their own way; Productive, intellectual & simple.

We are growing without artificial feed of interruption & notes. No one is judging us, making us bound to think, no one asking me that Fasiha you always put wrong verbs & your grammar is poor.  No one ever asked me to re-read before posting, what I am saying and this is making me more relaxed in writing and expressing myself.

Even though many times when I re-read my reflections I make them correct with a big smile on my face and a sigh of relief that yes I am in good hands!  I really want to give that comfort to my kids and family…

Same idea we need to provide children, we need to let them grow naturally, the way they are designed, the way they are. We have made a disaster by giving the same hammer to mend the kids who do not even need it… In my imagination, a perfect piece of nature made by God in a hand of a factory who are just keep on hammering them thinking they are not correct, saying let us fix it. They are kept on fixing the already fixed model. They are just destroying the perfect model and making an impression of mending and making something perfect. If your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. We need to reconstruct the idea of education & Learning, specifically for early childhood.

I trust the creation of Allah the almighty the all-knowing. As they say, ‘charity begins at home’. So let me be the first to give my children the freedom of   thinking and not hammering them with the nail of traditional way of schooling to spoil their perfect model…

Fasiha khan

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