What’s Your GOAL?

Life without any objective Goal ? what an illogical statement !
Lets face some real clips from our life experiences
A child want to be a doctor he/she pass metic read fsc then mbbs then housejob okay now he/she got what he/she want now what next ? ohkay he/she done with specialization then now what.. okay than next? now what about the whole life ?
A girl want to marry and want to spend a beautiful life after marriage okay she got marry ,she is spending her life as she want .. now what next?
A boy want to be a banker he spend his life for this now he is banker now what what next?
you want to get a good job u got it now what next?
you want to be a famous personality now ? what next ?
you know 60% of most famous personalities attempted suicide, they end up like this…
they got everything what they want but they won’t able to attain satisfaction !
why they dont ?
know why ?
because they spend their lives without god ,
without the love of lord
without his pleasure …
“Did you think that We had created you in play (without any purpose), and that you would not be brought back to Us?”23:115
Turn to Allah…
Say my salah my sacrifice  my life my death its all for the Raabul alameen !goal

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