Allah does not fail in His promise

Assalam alykum wr wb..

Muslims are oppressed and exploited,kufar killing our children like cattles majority are mustazafeen but what?Do we leave hope???
Gaza is bleeding … Burma is bleeding iraq, sham egypt… Muslims are deterrent due to these uncertain conditions but What do we need to do???
But sisters and brothers i read 5 ayahs of quran and after reading them i compare these ayah with today’s situation which is undoubtedly worst but the issue is not the nature of bearing the topics are

1- Uncertain condition
2- Time period
4-Sabar and Trust
5-Victory after 9 years
6-The promise of Allah . Allah does not fail in His promise, but most of the people do not know.

In 616, the Eastern Roman Empire was ultimately destroyed and Romans were from among the People of the Book, in other words, they were Christians whereas the Persians were fire-worshippers who did not follow any holy books and did not believe in the afterlife(Ba’as Baadul Mout).
When this news reached Mecca, the polytheists were happy while the Muslims were saddened.
The polytheists used this incident as a means to disturb the Muslims they said“You and the Christians are the People of the Book. We and the Iranians are illiterate. Our Iranian brothers have prevailed over your Roman siblings. We would defeat you if we entered into battle with you.”
Also Surah Rum is a makki surah you can easily imagine the situation of muslims.
Then Allah sent down Surah ar-Rum, which would be considered as one of our Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) miracles, and relieved the Muslims from sadness
غُلِبَتِ الرُّومُ
The Romans have been defeated.
In the nearer land (Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Palestine), and they, after their defeat, will be victorious.
Within three to nine years. The decision of the matter, before and after (these events) is only with Allah, (before the defeat of Romans by the Persians, and after, i.e. the defeat of the Persians by the Romans). And on that Day, the believers (i.e. Muslims) will rejoice (at the victory given by Allah to the Romans against the Persians),
With the help of Allah, He helps whom He wills, and He is the All-Mighty, the Most Merciful.
(It is) a Promise of Allah (i.e. Allah will give victory to the Romans against the Persians), and Allah fails not in His Promise, but most of men know not.
They know only the outside appearance of the life of the world (i.e. the matters of their livelihood, like irrigating or sowing or reaping, etc.), and they are heedless of the Hereafter. [Surah Rum verse 2-7]
When these ayahs revealed roman kingdom was dissolved into many groups,army disappeared,treasure were emptied.. Muslims and polytheists know about the conditions But what happen when these ayahs revealed??

When hazrat Abu bakar Siddiq Radiallahuanha listend these ayahs from Rasoolullah Salallaho alihe walehe wasalam He (R.A) started reciting these ayahs Loudly in Makkah city and he challenge polytheists that “In the nearest land. But they, after their defeat, will overcome.” mushrekeem puzzled with abu bakar r.a’s surety…the_promise_of_allah_is_true_by_m7madlshall-d7m5qq1

Then one day Ubayy ibn Khalaf said “You are lying. Come on; choose a time-frame so that I can bet against you.”
Hazrat Abu Bakr accepted. They betted ten camels and agreed on three years.[The ruling about Bet was not revealed]
Hazrat Abu Bakr came and informed our Holy Prophet (PBUH) about the situation. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “what is meant by bid’a (a few) in the verse is from three to nine.” Increase the numberof camels and extend the length of time.”
Upon this, Hazrat Abu Bakr left and encountered Ubayy. Ubayy said, “You must be regretful.”
Hazrat Abu Bakr said, “No. Come on; let us increase the amount of our bet and extend the length of time. Let us say nine years and agree upon 100 camels.”
Ubayy accepted, “Come on, let us do it”, he said.
After Nine years after their defeat, the Romans greatly defeated the Persians with an unexpected and unsuspected attack.
The Muslims were very happy upon hearing this whereas the polytheists were immensely upset.
Hazrat Abu Bakr took the hundred camels from Ubayy bin Khalaf’s warrantor and inheritors and brought them to our Holy Prophet (PBUH). “Gave them away as charity”, ordered the Master of the Universe (PBUH).
Upon the realization of this incident, which was foretold in the Holy Quran and was considered as one of our Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) miracles, some of the polytheists became Muslims.[Tirmidhi, Volume.12, page 66-71; Tabari, Tarikh,V. 2, page 141-142]faith

Now in 2014 we know that how immensely yahood and nasara planning against muslims muslims are facing hardships, poverty, hunger and most of them Haraj(Blood shed) but We know ! we bear witness that There is No God But Allah… And Rasoolullah Muhammad PBUH is his Last Final messenger…

In chapter Fath 48 verse 28 He Allah Almighty also make a promise from us He says “He it is Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad SAW) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islam), that He may make it (Islam) superior over all religions. And All-Sufficient is Allah as a Witness.”
Islam will dominate In sha allah….
They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it.[61:8].

Dont forget Abu bakar siddiq trust on every verse in suarh rum verse 6 “[It is] the promise of Allah . Allah does not fail in His promise, but most of the people do not know.”

He trust the words of allah and his messenger he said ““Verily Allah has shown me the eastern and western part of the earth, and I saw the authority of my Ummah (nation) dominate all that I saw.” – Saheeh Muslim, hadeeth no.2889”

Kuffar know our SECRET of victory and thats the reason they spread immodesty and Taghooti system in our areas muslim youth is still non serious they kidnapped our minds with this Duniyah the Zeenat(adornment) of the Duniya… Indeed, We have made that which is on the earth adornment for it that We may test them [as to] which of them is best in deed.[18:7]
They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it.[61:8]

And Still among from them many intellect history writers and scholars says Islam is the only religion which can dominate this worlds
George Bernard Shaw in ‘The Genuine Islam,’ Vol. 1, No. 8, 1936:
“If any religion had the chance of ruling over England, nay Europe within the next hundred years, it could be Islam.”

Do care about Palestine and Do remember that IF you closed your eyes from deen(religion) then you may open the door of everlasting Zuaaf(weakness).. the situation we are facing is by our own Zulm.. you have time and you have money you are young and living bodies…

Hold Quran and start loving it in the real way… And NEVER never lose HOPE sooner or later victory only

belongs to Muslims In sha allah as Allah does not fail His promise , islam will enter in every house without you nd me , we just have to work together


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