Reflections on Increasing Learning Ability

How we can increase our learning ability which also helps our family & our kids at home?

Note Taking, always take notes so things once written by hand, with your pen.

Sharing- is the best model of learning, whatever we share preserved in our minds & not just us it becomes a good source of khair. Moreover not the social media type share just copy paste anyone’s content and post it public with zero sense of coping.

Apply in Actions, the most important part is the actions, I always see in my life, whatever we don’t apply in actions erase from our memory.
If we want to be the best learner we should keep these points used on our educational stuff.

Because once we became the good learner & doer we automatically not just benefits us, our community but most of all our own children h our family, as they see they do.

Let’s take an example
You cannot ask a five year old to do five worksheets on honesty & listen or take one interactive course on honesty and listen two motivational talks on honesty, this out side learning cannot help him/her inside,

Until they saw this practice in you, in your dealings, in your core values & observes it by direct learning.

Hope we become good role model to our family as they see us they copy us.
Children see – Children do

Let’s Fix Ourselves

Fasiha khan

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