Being a Reflective Parent

Every day is coming up something amazing to have in mind and to groom the soul…

There is something which we neglects on time but never learn a lesson that our emotions need control to make us reflect otherwise emotions never let us go to the side of self-reflection…

We do not reflect, we are less expressive and the reason behind it is the training and first learning of our life being a kid is to not express…

If I look around, every child is expressive, in his own way, on his own terms but we adults, parents have already set our limitations, criteria which keeps children a way to express what they want, how they want…!

We keep them away from being an expressive adults & reflective person.

If a child bought up with the scenario of less reflect and more react he definitely live his life with same attitude.  But yes, I believe human has such miraculous inbuilt system by Allah Subhana Walta’la that he can mold his personality by working on it, by having good time to read and reflect & with the help of genuine mentors.

I personally believe like our educational institutions are not making people to read, write & reflect. We are formatting them on the formulation of market.

Just to response as they need not to behave as he must have to do as an individual competent human being.

Dr Salman said “We cannot Plant a Tree in Pot”.

This line is so deep inside… The way I found it is that we make our kids and youngsters bound to think under the box…  Like “doly shah k chuhy” (in Pakistan. there is one tomb, they locked the face into the tin box where kids grow and become an adult with same little face)

We are not allowing kids to think & learn to express & reflect, we are just afraid of being questioned by our own kids if I sum up I believe we use children to show our power of being parents. The dilemma of authority over kids

After becoming a parent we never think to learn for ourselves…  Parenting needs trainings…  And it’s every child’s right to have trained and reflective parents.


Fasiha khan

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