اپنے لیے اور اپنی پیاری بہنوں کے لیے۔ ایک بہت کانٹوں دار راستہ ہے، اس میں منزل کا پتہ ہے اور دوسری طرف کانٹے ہیں و جو لباس میں اٹک کے راستے کو کھوٹا کر سکتے ہیں۔ بہت دلفریب ہوتے ہیں یہ بہکاوے، دیدہ زیب، دل کو خوش اور آنکھوں کو معطر کرنے والے۔ دین کا راستہ ایک ہی ہے، سب کی لیے، ایسا نہیں ہے کے کوئی بہت عابد ہے یہ زاہد تو بچ
…باتیں کچھ میری
He was standing alone between the shoulder and the summit. Yes! Between the journey of chaos and emotions; between the black and white; Sajid Ali Sadpara taught us many lessons. The unstoppable one of the youngest K2 guy, Sajid left no reason for why not he needs to find his father. This emotional journey itself was fuelled with the fire of determination, which he probably lend from his father. The snow leopard Ali Sadpara, the
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Full Name *Date of Birth *Number *Gender *MaleFemaleOtherEmail *Have you done any Training before? *NoYesWhy you want to do this? *CommentSubmit Admissions are Open – Batch 4 This is a public speaking training course, designed by Fasiha Khan for women, based on practice, assignment and presentations. You will be able to speak according to time audience and capacity. By the end of the course, you should be able to reduce your fear of public speaking, we’ll do
We kill creativity with useless and countless corrections. It’s true! In our class we have so many students with different backgrounds, different mindsets, and different countries. We all have our own life experiences, way to perceive things, understand ideas and even lines. Whenever we discuss our thoughts on any point or any session, I have observed each of us has some different style of understanding & implementation. Moreover, everyone has something better in their own
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Our day with knowing the significance of L1- language one or mother language. I realize so many new things… It was not new to know that a child start listening from his mother’s womb, but yes, it was amazingly realized that he not just feel the emotion and hear us, she grasps our language too. The language we use to express ourselves and to make others understand. The language which she listen & download in her brain. That is what we observed whenever we
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Every day is coming up something amazing to have in mind and to groom the soul… There is something which we neglects on time but never learn a lesson that our emotions need control to make us reflect otherwise emotions never let us go to the side of self-reflection… We do not reflect, we are less expressive and the reason behind it is the training and first learning of our life being a kid is
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As I have discussed in previous part, being a parent or whatever role we have at home or at work, the disappointment we face is because of the stress cycle. Our daily life pilled with stress, drain feelings and anxious emotions, let us have some insight of our stress cycle to see how we can act physically to support our life system at home and at work. Our daily lifestyles are so much into stress,
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(Note wherever in reflections I use the word parents it means parents includes mother & father) Whenever I talk about homeschooling, I primarily focus on our parenthood & environment. We have to teach ourselves, we need to know ourselves in order to become able to teach our children at home. Homeschooling or home education is not an idea to open a school at your home, it is about to give your child a natural learning
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How we can increase our learning ability which also helps our family & our kids at home? Note Taking, always take notes so things once written by hand, with your pen. Sharing- is the best model of learning, whatever we share preserved in our minds & not just us it becomes a good source of khair. Moreover not the social media type share just copy paste anyone’s content and post it public with zero sense
The basic philosophy have psychology as a part within the philosophy, just in the last hundred years the branches of psychology created which make more sub categories and made child psychology a different aspect. There were some major flaws scientists faced The research and parameters of “judging & evaluating” child is based on research on cats, dogs, monkeys etc. Secondly, these researchers are coming from west & in 60’s they already deprived the idea of

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